Golden wedding in Paros – Nadia & Michele

Nadia and Michele chose the first Saturday of autumn for their golden wedding in Paros. They had been on the island once before and really loved it so they decided to have a small and simple ceremony among their best friends.

They both got ready at a beautiful villa by Golden Beach. When we arrived there, about an hour before the ceremony, the couple and their friends were still chilling out in the swimming pool. It was only then they realized they were getting a bit late and everyone jumped out and ran to have a shower and get ready. Once everyone was set, a small convoy of 4×4’s took everyone to the beach, just minutes away from the villa.

Golden Beach, located in the southeastern part of the island is a 700-meter beach with crystal clear turquoise waters and fine sand, whose elements provide a sparkling effect during sunshine. Now, you can easily guess where the name came from! Although the beach is always busy and noisy during the day, as it is very famous among surfers and water sports fans, it transforms to an incredibly picturesque location when the sun begins to dive back into the blue horizon. It was exactly at this time of the day that Nadia and Michele exchanged their vows. They were barefoot on the warm sand, holding hands and their joyful eyes were reflecting the sun’s golden light and the love in their hearts. A real golden wedding in Paros!

Later on, we walked to Blue Paros, just meters away from the ceremony location, which was the ideal place for the couple and their guests to celebrate their wedding. The evening continued with food, drinks, music and a great company of people overflowing with love and happiness, laughing and dancing to their heart’s joyful tune!

Cicada Studio is very happy to have captured Nadia and Michele’s golden wedding in Paros and wishes them all the best for their future!