Pre wedding photo shoot in Paros – Kim & Reene

Yesterday, we had a fun and exciting day with Bao and Rita at their pre wedding photo shoot in Paros. Today, it was their friends’ turn Kim & Reene to be in front of the camera lens. The couple, also from China, was really looking forward to the photo session and wanted to have their pictures taken out in the nature, but also in some of the charming villages of Paros. So, off we went around the island, visiting various locations and trying out different poses, both elegant and playful, for our desired results. It was a beautiful day for photography, with deep blue skies, which either blended perfectly with the sea or contrasted naturally to the traditional whitewashed houses of the island.

Our small trip began from Paros’ second biggest village, called Naousa. Naousa, once a pirate target, is still echoing stories that we have seen in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean. If you are around in late August, do not miss the Paros Pirate Festival, a representation of pirate raids that took place in the past, with a lot of dancing, fireworks and partying until dawn.

From there we headed to Paros Park, a unique environmental park on the north side of Paros, which offers not only an outstanding panoramic view, but also many footpaths to explore further the island. After that, we drove to the picturesque village of Marpissa, which stands on the hill of Kefalos. Marpissa, still unspoiled, as there is not a lot of accommodation for tourists, is a beautiful village maintaining all the authenticity of the Cycladic architecture, with traditional, stone-made houses and narrow cobblestone streets. Then we drove to St Antonios monastery. The view from up there is just breathtaking, although to be honest it can get very windy sometimes. We were just lucky today. The last stop for Kim and Reene’s pre wedding photo shoot in Paros was Lefkes village, one of the most traditional places on the island, with beautiful dovecotes and windmills, but also with an astonishing view of Naxos island.

Enjoy the pictures below!