Wedding and Baptism in Paros – Antonis, Maria and little Iraklis-Michalis

Just a week had passed since Serafim and Ioanna’s wedding at Agios Fokas church in Paros and Cicada Studio was for a second time in a row at the same place, this time covering a wedding and baptism event. Our couple, Antonis and Maria, originally from the island, has been living in Athens for years now. However, they chose Paros as their wedding destination for the traditional and relaxed atmosphere the island has to offer in contrast to the fast pace and craziness of Athens. And it was all worth it…

Maria got ready at her grandparents’ traditional house in Lefkes. Lefkes is the most mountainous village of Paros and the one where you can find the most well preserved windmills. The house, stone-made, was beautifully designed and decorated with handmade textiles and small family souvenirs scattered beautifully across the rooms.

When we arrived at the groom’s side, Antonis had just finished taking his shower and little Iraklis-Michalis was still sleeping. Minutes later Antonis’ friends arrived with a bottle of Scotch and a lot of enthusiasm. Iraklis-Michalis woke up in a smile and although not sure what all this was about, he could certainly sense the good mood and nice vibe in the house.

Antonis arrived at the church with the baby at around 6:00 pm. There were quite a few guests already there including the two godmothers, Kiriaki and Maria. Roughly half an hour later, the bride showed up with her father and two cheerful little bridesmaids who were spreading red rose petals along the path to the church. In front of them, two musicians were setting the atmosphere by playing the violin and the lute, singing traditional songs, something very typical for weddings in Paros.

The emotive wedding and baptism ceremony at Agios Fokas church lasted for about two hours. It was full of joy, laughter, happiness, but also fun, especially during the dance of Isaiah where the couple was showered with a massive wave of rice. After the family portraits and the couple shoot we were ready to set off for their wedding reception. Their party took place at Paradiso Club , where a spectacular entrance with huge wedding sparklers was organized for them.

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