Wedding at Agios Fokas, Paros – Serafim and Ioanna

We are very fortunate to be wedding photographers in Paros and always very excited about what we do! Each wedding is not only seen and treated as a unique event by Cicada Studio, but also -and most importantly- it is something very meaningful and personal to the couple. This time it was Serafim and Ioanna to start a new chapter in their lives and we were there to cover their wedding at Agios Fokas church in Paros.

The elegant little church, built by local fishermen, sits on a small but beautiful rocky cape on the outskirts of Paros’ capital, Parikia. The view from the steep cliffs is stunning and breathtaking; from one side you can see the bay and port of Parikia and from the other the island’s natural –yet dangerous for sailors-landmark, Gates of Paros (Portes of Paros).

The couple, before their wedding at Agios Fokas, got ready at Krotiri Bay Hotel with family and close friends. Tradition has it that the two should not meet until they reach the church. However, this was almost impossible as their rooms were just opposite each other. The newly-to-be-weds glimpsed every now and then through each other’s window and accompanied the little game with a playful tease or joke!

Serafim and Ioanna reached the church by boat separately. The groom arrived first and he seemed very relaxed, happily smiling and greeting the guests. It was only later when Ioanna was getting a bit late, when he started looking over and over at his watch. No, the bride had not changed her mind; just minutes later we could see her boat coming over from Krios beach. Her father helped Ioanna out and escorted her to Serafim. Their big moment had come and you could see all the bliss and excitement in their eyes! The cheerful wedding at Agios Fokas lasted for about an hour and once the family portraits were done we headed for the couple shoot at the beautiful surroundings of the church.

After that, Serafim and Ioanna were ready for their wedding celebration at Paradiso Club. Although everyone was expecting them to appear from the main entrance, they secretly came from the beach. Once the guests saw them showing up out of the dark, joy and applause sparked immediately across the tables and the first champagne bottles were opened! It was the beginning of what would be a great and unforgettable night, full of dance moves, excitement and laughter!

Thank you guys! It was really nice spending these unique moments with you and an honour being your wedding photographers in Paros!