Wedding in Naxos – Manolis & Lena

Lena and Manolis visited us back in April on Paros to discuss every detail regarding their wedding day and wedding photography expectations. They wanted to have a traditional Greek wedding in Naxos. So, in the last weekend of June we jumped on the Blue Star Naxos ferry and off we went to photograph this wonderful Greek wedding.

Naxos, just an hour away from Paros, is the largest island of the Cyclades. As you reach the island, you cannot miss the Portara, a massive 2,500 year old marble doorway which most probably was dedicated to Apollo, although some believe it was built to honour Dionysos. Nevertheless the Naxos has strong connections with both mythological gods. Apollo is considered the god of light and music whereas Dionysos the god of wine and festivity. And on the couple’s wedding day there was everything of these elements in mere affluence: Bright and clear light, divine local wine, traditional dancing and folklore music.

Manolis got ready at his family’s place, where his family and best friend’s helped him to dress up and made sure that his red bow tie will stay put and shine throughout the day. Lena was in a great mood although a tiny bit nervous, smiling and welcoming all the guests that arrived at her place. People were all around her throughout the preparation, trying to snap a picture with the beautiful bride. Once she got ready, she headed down the stairs, holding a mirror and an apple with coins inserted in its flesh.

Tradition has it that the bride moves the apple round the mirror for 3 times, before throwing it to the crowd that waits in front of her door. The apple with the coins symbolises the bride’s bad habits and the act of throwing the fruit the abundance of the old and the beginning of the new.

The two exchanged their vows by the little chapel, which sits on the hill of Agia Anna beach, a 1.2 km stretch of white sand and clear water between Agios Prokopios and Plaka beach. The ceremony was Greek-Orthodox and the wedding reception was held at Naxos Resort Beach Hotel, a stunning place for such events.

Manolis and Lena had the memories of their wedding in Naxos printed on a high quality handmade album, samples of which you can see here.