Greek-Spanish wedding in Milos – Maria and Stelios

Milos calling!

Apart from being Cicada Studio’s first wedding in Milos, it was also our first visit ever on the island and the excitement was double! Milos, famous for the Venus de Milo, is a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea with more than 70 beaches of outstanding natural beauty! Due to its volcanic nature it has an impressive and diverse coastal morphology, which leaves the visitor in awe. No wonder that Maria and Stelios had decided to have their Greek-Spanish wedding in Milos.

Stelios got ready at his grandmother’s beautiful traditional house in Pachena village, together with his best man and close friends. Everyone was making really nice remarks regarding Stelios’ choice of suit and shoes, but what the guests got more intrigued with were the groom’s customised cufflinks. One was decorated with the map of Milos and the other with Maria’s hometown, Barcelona.

The bride preparation took place at the unique Aloni Cave House in Phylakopi. Maria, having spent the previous days organising every little detail to perfection, was now enjoying the moments before the wedding with family and close friends, while her mum and brother were making sure that everything was perfect. And it sure was…

Maria and Stelios had their wedding at Agios Konstantinos, a beautiful traditional seaside settlement, found on the way to Pollonia. The decoration of the church, arranged by the couple itself, fit perfectly with the natural surroundings, but also with the personality of the couple. The Greek-orthodox ceremony was very touching for all the guests, but also for the priest, who has known Stelios since he was a baby.

Once the wedding was over, we went to do a short couple shoot at the small and quite beach of Agios Konstantinos, which fuses nicely natural and architectural beauty. However, a bigger session followed the next day, as the couple wanted to have their pictures taken in various locations of the island and have enough time to try out different clothes and accessories. The next-day shoot started in the early morning from Aloni, where the couple was staying and we continued through Sarakiniko, Firopotamos, Plaka, Thalassitra reaching our last location Klima after midday.

For their wedding reception and party, Maria and Stelios had booked Deep Blue at Paliochori. It all started slowly and smoothly with toasts and small speeches both in the Greek and Catalan language. After the couple had had some of their wedding cake, they moved along with their guests to the beach. Soon after, Chinese lanterns were launched, illuminating the dark sky above us and creating a warm and unique ambience. These were perhaps the last minutes of calmness that night…minutes later everyone was on the dance floor swinging and twisting!

Cicada Studio would like to thank deeply once again Maria and Stelios for having us as their wedding photographers in Milos. To paraphrase the welcoming sign on the entrance of Deep Blue where they celebrated their wedding, ‘we are so glad we were there!’ Cicada Studio is really looking forward to the next wedding or photography project in Milos so hopefully see you soon!

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